Martial Arts Clubs in Birmingham Benefits of Martial Arts Training

We believe that martial arts training can offer one of the broadest ranges of benefits of any physical activity. The primary gains for adults are listed below. Benefits to children can be slightly different, for example improving mental concentration, discipline, respect and attention span.

Self defence
Arguably 'self defence' could be said to be more about using your head than your physical body. However, in the context of a martial arts class, self-defence usually means learning how to physically disable a potential attacker. In our classes an example of this would include developing the ability to deliver powerful strikes and combining this with knowledge of where to direct these strikes.

Improved fitness
There are several factors of physical fitness including stamina (cardiovascular and muscular endurance), flexibility, strength and skill (motor fitness). Our Martial Arts classes pretty much cover all of these to some degree.

Weight (fat) loss
You'll burn several hundred calories during one of our typical martial arts classes. Additionally an increase in physical fitness will also raise your basal metabolic rate (BMR). This means you'd burn more calories even while sitting around watching the telly. However, this is worth putting in perspective. A once a week class on its own may not make a massive difference to your waistline. Basically, the lessons can "help reduce weight, only as part of a calorie controlled diet"!

Stress management
As much as the thought of just joining a martial arts class may stress many people out, once it's underway, most people find it to be an excellent stress-buster. All exercise produces a relaxation response that serves as a positive distraction. Exercise also helps elevate a person's mood and keep depression at bay.

Our martial arts classes also have a large technical aspect that requires significant mental concentration. In effect, this means that for the duration of the class at least, participants don't have time to think about their day-to-day problems.

Self confidence and self-esteem
It's often said that martial arts builds confidence. We believe that training can build confidence in certain individuals for the following reasons:

1. Enables individuals to feel more confident that they'll be more able to defend themselves.
2. Feeling fitter or perhaps just having a slightly better body shape often improves a persons confidence.
3. As martial artists progress, they will often take the lead in demonstrating techniques, teaching others or eventually teaching a whole class. This can be a great help in empowering individuals with confidence in situations outside the class environment.

For most of us, motivating ourselves to exercise or study new skills isn't the easiest thing in the world. By contrast, a martial arts class provides a stimulating environment and the opportunity to draw motivation from the class instructor and fellow participants. A clearly defined syllabus also provides a great way to set goals and measure progression.

Social aspects
Joining a club will lead to meeting new people and possibly increasing your circle of friends and contacts. After the lesson, some class members often go for a quick drink and various social events are organised throughout the year.

Above all, most people train just because they enjoy it.

Martial Arts Clubs in Birmingham

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